Tattle Tailer

March 16, 2018

Let’s welcome Ella S. (our second Ella) and Olivia B. (our second Olivia B. and our third Olivia in the 2 year old class). Please be sure to introduce yourselves and welcome Ella, Olivia and their families into our school family. 

Have you turned in your fall, 2018 registration? If you need another copy, please let me know. Some of our classes are filling up quickly and you want to be guaranteed a place. 

Summer registration will be going out the week of 3/19.

In last week’s Tattle-tailer, I told you that construction will begin on Monday, 3/19 for the new bathrooms. We will have some adjustments to make during the construction, but in the end it will all be great! In the remodeled bathrooms we will have changing tables that will be attached to the walls.

The beautiful changing table that we have now (lots of storage) will be for sale. If you or anyone you know might be interested in this beautiful piece of furniture, please have them speak with me. 

I have also been told about a crib that turns into a bed that is available for free as long as you are able to pick it up with a truck   If you or someone you know is interested, please let me know. 

Please keep your children home if they are not feeling well. We do not want to share germs. 

Please mark your calendars for these important dates:

Tonight, is Tot Shabbat.  Our 3 year old class will be singing. 6:00 p.m. 

3/19-3/23  Pre-K Parent Conferences. 

3/23- Teacher Appreciation Day

3/29- Preschool Sedar @ 10:30 a.m. All preschoolers are invited. If Thursday is not your regular day and you would like your child to attend, please speak directly with your teacher by 3/23.


4/2-4/5- Passover Camp. (You do not pay extra for camp).  WE WILL PROVIDE ALL SNACKS AND LUNCHES THIS WEEK.! DO NOT SEND LUNCHBOXES OR SIPPY CUPS-THEY WILL BE SENT HOME WITH YOU.  We will have lots of fresh fruits and vegetables  plus matzoh and cheese, eggs, etc.


4/11-Parent Council Meeting @7 p.m. Place to be determined.

4/12-Quarterly Parent Meeting @9:15 a.m. @CBS

4/18-SNOW DAY-Be sure to send your children with gloves or mittens, a hat, jacket and a complete change of clothes. We will continue the fun after they are done playing in the snow too. 

4/20-Tot Shabbat @ 6:00 p.m. Our 2 year old class will be singing. 

4/22-Spring Boutique 8:30-1:00

4/22-Dad’s BBQ noon-3.

4/28-Tango Nights (free babysitting for children 2 and up)

Enjoy your weekend. If you are running in the marathon, best of luck!